Cloud Platform

New Generation IoT Platform for digital transformation. FN IoT Platform Features; IoT Server, Control Center, Alarm Map, REST API.

Easy and Functional

- Management platform for field operation teams, for monitoring and managing IoT gateways, sensors and operation teams on the field
- User groups can be defined for responsible for specific regions
- Each group can monitor and get reports for their region only
- Reports can be generated based on dates and/or regions
- Reports can be e-mailed to region field team members
- Auto upgrading for RTU firm-ware via management platform 

Standard and Scalable

Industry standard Linux platform, provides;
- Multiple server configuration for scalability and redunduncy 
- Web based control center
- REST API support
- SMS / E-Mail/Apple & Google Push Notification support
- Configurable end-points by gateways
- Alarm map
- Mobile payment support
- MySQL database

Edge Computing

Provides answers to the most diffucult and challenging part of an IoT project: Edge computing with IoT terminals.


Supoorts various industry standard protocols at the same time on the same IoT terminal, such as SMTP, Modbus, MBus, IEC-62056, Z-Wave.


Different protocols and communications scenarios can be designed with user editable configuration method 



Supports different physical connection types at the same time with different protocols on them, ie. RS232, RS485, GSM, Ethernet/WiFi, Lora, Z-Wave, Digital I/O.


Independent protocol modules, allows customers to generate flexible solutions for their complicated IoT projects


Web based management console for monitoring and management of the gateways, sensors and mobile teams

Alarm Map

Alarm monitoring screens for specific regions on the map provides easy to manage alrms generated by the gateways and sensors


Besides summary informatins for an region, every value change of every sensors logged and can be observed by the administrators.


Easy access and/or controll to any information, from  reagion to any sensor connected to any IoT gateway by few mouse click.